Maddie and her Father


Dedicated to bringing a little sparkle to each customer’s life, one hand-made item at a time.

Welcome to Sparkle & Mo!

I’m Maddie Minish, and I am beyond ecstatic that you are visiting my little shop.

Growing up in West Texas, I was called “Maddie Mo” by my daddy. Even as an adult and married, when I come home and visit, I am still his “Mo”. Being born into a family of four sisters, I was bound to have an adoration for sparkles, purple, and tulle. As a little girl, for Christmas and my birthday, my dad would always buy me something sparkly and purple. I became his “Sparkly Mo”.

My dad did much more than give me this nickname; he is my inspiration for this store. He owns a graphic design company and has instilled in each of his “girlies” a strong work ethic. He taught me to always be genuine and to do what I love. My mom and dad have encouraged each of us to seek our dreams and goals, and above all, love and glorify the Lord.

My goal for this store is to bring a little sparkle into each customer’s life. Babies are one of life’s most precious blessings, and I can’t think of a better way to share that joy than by showering a new mom and baby with a hand-made gift.

Thank you for visiting my shop! I hope you are inspired to create and do what you love.

With a thankful heart,

Maddie Minish